Tuesday, June 17

Marketing has always been a passion of mine. After all, you have to be passionate about something. One person was passionate about Pez dispensers and started an online auction site. Granted not all passions about plastic candy holders turn into the giant we all know as EBay, it is still important to focus on your passion. I admit that I definitely do not have the market cornered on being passionate about marketing. Many people may be passionate without realizing it.

Here is a simple test. See if you recognize these famous advertising slogans. (if you give up, email me).

  1. He keeps going and going and going
  2. We bring good things to life
  3. Can you hear me now?
  4. What's in your wallet?
  5. So easy a caveman can do it
  6. Are you in good hands?
  7. Do More, Feel Better, Live Longer
  8. A diamond is forever
  9. It takes a licking and keeps on ticking
  10. Just do it
  11. Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's ...
  12. M'm! M'm! Good!
  13. You're free to move about the country
  14. Good to the last Drop
  15. The pause that refreshes

Ok. How did you do? A big hoorah for the person that got 15 out of 15. But this proves my point we all can claim some passion for marketing. For instance, the day after the superbowl the office chatter seems to last twice as long about the commercials than the actual game (any year there is not a wardrobe malfunction at least).

Marketing is all around us and it has woven into our lives. Special moments, and memories revolving around marketing slogans or products can easily come to most peoples mind. SO, for the days to come, I hope you join me as we discuss this art, the art of marketing.